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Facts, background and assistance

Dealing with HIV and its medical treatment has changed significantly over the decades. The following animated films give you an overview of the current situation of HIV-infected people and the prospects for a largely normal life.

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Basic information and figures regarding HIV

In the first section, you will learn some basic facts about HIV – for example, how many people are infected with HIV globally and in Austria and what the term HIV stands for.

What happens in my body if I am HIV-positive?

Section 2: This section addresses how the HIV virus behaves in the body, how it attacks the immune system, spreads and ultimately activates.

How does HIV multiply and how can we stop it?

Section 3: This section illustrates the points and/or times at which the multiplication of the HIV virus in the body can be stopped and/or suppressed.

Infection and routes of transmission

Section 4: It is almost impossible for the HIV virus to be transmitted during everyday activities. This video provides information about the actual routes of transmission and options for protecting yourself.

Treatment if I am HIV-positive

Section 5: Nowadays, innovative medications make it possible for HIV-positive people to lead an almost normal life. This section will tell you what you need to know about treatment with HIV medication.

Planning a family and pregnancy

Section 6: Nowadays, it is also possible for HIV-positive people to have a healthy child; more information on this subject is provided in this section.

Living with HIV today

Section 7: This video concludes with a summary of the current state of HIV treatment and additional information on how to stay healthy in spite of an HIV infection.